What tools do you use to build your website?

I’ve started my website project in Aug-2018. A variety of tools and software are used to build this website.

Tools & Softwares

  • HPZ440 workstation: from my research lab

When it comes to switch between IDE, google chrome with a lot of opened tabs, GitKraken and anything else opened, one seriously need a beefy system. Fortunately this mighty beast will serves me till I’m a student here.

  • Jekyll: static website generator that converts some bunch of text in markdown to a set of files1.
  • Visual Studio Code: IDE2 for coding and markdown editing
  • GitKraken: cross-platform, efficient, elegant and reliable git client
  • ShareX: screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

Jekyll plugins, I’m using

If you’re really interested in the specifics of how the site is built I’ve made its source available on GitHub for anyone to fork and download.

Scripts and jQuery plugins

  • BigFoot.js: jQuery plugin for displaying footnotes inline.
  • Lity: lightweight, accessible, and responsive lightbox plugin.
  • SVG for Everybody: external spritemaps support.

Hosting and other stuff

  1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files along with images and other assets needed to render a web page. 

  2. Interactive development Environment 

  3. Content Delivery Network