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Just another tiny, momentary speck in an indifferent universe.

Arduino workshop for kids

This project contains the presentation, schematics and the arduino code required for conducting the arduino workshop for kids.


👾 A rough page to test the code


Preferred methods of sending your questions, inquires, messages, and love letters to me.

Participant Information Page

What, Why, Where and other doubts?… then this page is for you In short, we will record your heart rate, breathing rate etc. and give you some puzzles to so...

Personal website

It is Open Source and available on GitHub, so nothing personal then 🤔


Some of the projects I have worked on and/or currently working

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If you like the projects and content I have created, here’s how to show your thanks and motivate me to create more of it.


A hierarchical list of all the posts and pages found on the site. For you robots out there is an XML version available for digesting as well.


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terms & conditions, privacy policy, license, and other legal stuff you won’t read.