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Biofeedback is a technique you can use to learn to control your body’s functions, such as your heart rate. The motive of this page to make people aware of the general aspects of our study and about trials in which they are going to take part.

👨‍🏫 Resource Persons

These trials are part of ongoing PhD work of -

Kulbhushan Chand Kulbhushan Chand
PhD Research Scholar

Prof. Arun Khosla Prof. Arun Khosla
Research Guide

Emerging Technologies Lab
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar

ℹ️ Introduction to the Research Work

In this fast paced life – stress is something to avoid at all cost. Studies conformed that stress is a risk factor to cardiovascular diseases which are the leading cause of deaths in India.

One can avoid piling up stress, simply by achieving a state of mental relaxation – which is the stress free state of mind in which the brain triggers the parasympathetic nervous system.

In a nutshell the body is at rest and not taxing at its resources.

Thus the greater benefit of having a state of mental relaxation is avoiding many diseases along with improvement of everyday activities.

This research work aims to achieve the following goals –

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle among the people by learning relaxation techniques for stress management
  • Use of alternate form of medication called biofeedback which has no side effects as compared to medicines for stress management

❓ About the trials

The trials are conducted to gather data for the study. Following is the basic information regarding the trials. People are requested to read, and in case of doubt – contact the researcher

How the trials takes place?

After selecting and finalizing the participants the trials will began. Following is the overview of the schedule -

  • The participant will come for session to the venue as per his/her schedule
  • Research team will record the data of the participant
  • After the completion of set number of sessions, the trials are over for the participant
  • We will analyse the data and share findings will the participant

During the trials we will record data from the participants during several sessions. The data may recorded will be – physiological parameters, questionnaire and interviews.

What physiological parameters will be recorded?

The different physiological parameters like Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Skin Conductance and Skin Temperature of the participants will be measured.

How parameters will be recorded?

The process is very simple and quick. The parameters will be recorded from the following locations on the body –

  • Heart Rate from the earlobe
  • Breathing Rate from the torso
  • Skin conductance from the finger tips
  • Skin temperature from the skin surface

The following images are the near-approximation of the way we will record data.

Heart rate acquisition from earlobe Breathing Rate acquisition from the torso Skin conductance acquisition from the finger tips Skin temperature acquisition from the skin surface
Data acquisition sample images. From top-left-clockwise – heart rate, breathing rate, skin conductance, skin temperature – measurement.

What is a session?

A session is the interaction period of the single participant with the research team. In a session, we will record the data from a single participant only. Only participant and research team will be present during the session.

What are the timings of a session?

The participants may choose the time as per their wish. We try to resolve the conflicts so that the study and other activities of the participant will not affected. A single session is of minimum 30 mins.

How long the trials takes place?

  • There will be minimum of two sessions per week
  • The total time of the trials may span at least 2 months

Where the trials takes place?

Digital Signal Processing Lab
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar

Are there any risks involved in the trials?

There are no physical or mental risks involved with the trials. On the other hand, after the trials, a participant may feel better at handling stress in everyday situation.

💗 Benefits to the participants

The participants can have the opportunity to be a part of the research study. Some of the benefits are -

  • Learning how to reduce stress and achieve mental relaxation
  • Learning the data acquisition process in the biomedical research
  • Be a part of another on-going/yet-to-come projects
  • The participants can adopt the outcomes of the study in their daily lives to have less stress and healthy living.

⚠️ Will my personal details be shared?

Absolutely not. The private information of the participant in records and data will be treated as confidential information and will not be made public anywhere. The access to records/data will be limited to research team only.

🛤 Guidelines followed

  • The ethical clearance form is submitted for approval to the Ethical Clearance Committee of NIT Jalandhar.
  • The ethical guidelines followed in the study are in accordance with the ICMR Ethical Guidelines 2017.