Classroom Gamification

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About this project

This project is the simple application of gamification in the classroom, with a sole purpose of making attending and learning in class enjoyable and fun. However classroom is not the only place which can be gamified. You can gamify any activity for which tool is made adaptable as per need. Some of the features are -

  • Easy and simple implementation
  • No knowledge of any programming language required
  • Static, light weight and fast leaderboard
  • Deploy without any cost

Tools used for this project

All tools and tecnologies are free and thus no cost incurs in deployment or making of this project. The important ones are -

  • GitHub
  • Google Sheets and Google Drive


Google PageSpeed Insights desktop benchmark Google PageSpeed Insights mobile benchmark
Gamification leaderboard on webpage (as seen by students) and close up view (there is difference because both the screenshots are far apart in time so values are not same)

How to use

The points are awarded to students on the basis of -

  • Lectures attended
  • Surprise questions answered
  • Best ideas given
  • Lottery
  • Being unlucky

The output is a live leaderboard of students with their overall points. Students (or anyone) can see the leaderboard and thus their and other’s position by visiting a link, which was shared among them.

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