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This project is brought to you by an underpaid research scholar 👨‍🎓 with lot of efforts and ❤️. If you like this project, please show your support, so that my ☕-cup remains full.

About this project

This is my personal website and blog created I’ve started on Aug-2018. This website uses Jekyll, hosted on GitHub pages and served via cloudflare. I will try to regularly publish articles on arduino, MATLAB, electronics and some of my ever-evolving interests. Some of the feature are -

  • Static website
  • Light weight
  • Fast
  • Minimal expense

Tools used for this project

Tools & Softwares

  • HPZ440 workstation: from my research lab

When it comes to switch between IDE, google chrome with a lot of opened tabs, GitKraken and anything else opened, one seriously need a beefy system. Fortunately this mighty beast will serves me till I’m a student here.

  • Jekyll: static website generator that converts some bunch of text in markdown to a set of files1.
  • Visual Studio Code: IDE2 for coding and markdown editing
  • GitKraken: cross-platform, efficient, elegant and reliable git client
  • ShareX: screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

Jekyll plugins, I’m using

Scripts and jQuery plugins

  • BigFoot.js: jQuery plugin for displaying footnotes inline.
  • Lity: lightweight, accessible, and responsive lightbox plugin.
  • SVG for Everybody: external spritemaps support.

Hosting and other third party services

Theme used

This website is based on an awesome theme minimal-mistakes by Michael Rose and some designs are used from his personal website


home page screenshot about page screenshot blog page screenshot projects page screenshot sitemap screenshot 404 page screenshot
The screenshots of the personal website taken on chrome on windows 10 at 1920x1200 resolution

Performance Report

Google PageSpeed Insights

An impressive score of 93 and 96 for mobile and desktop benchmarking respectively was obtained on Google PageSpeed Insight

Google PageSpeed Insights mobile benchmark Google PageSpeed Insights desktop benchmark
Google PageSpeed Insights mobile and desktop benchmarks.


Another widely used website performance benchmarking tool. The website loads under half second with 99% PageSpeed score.


Results from the GTmetrix.

Lighthouse audit

Results from the Lighthouse in Chrome DevTools

Lighthouse audit

Results from the Lighthouse in Chrome DevTools.

How to use

For up and running with this project, the user should know how to host websiite with GitHub. After that there are two ways -

  • Method 1 -
    If your intention is to make a similar website like this, I would recommend to use the minimal-mistakes theme directly which this website uses. All the details regarding this mentioned on the theme website.

  • Method 2 -
    I have made some changes to the theme and if you want the exact website like this project, then follow the mentioned steps -

    • Download the repository

    • Change the name to your GitHub username (required for hosting on GitHub)

    • Make the required change in _config.yml and other places (like names, social site links etc.)

    • Commit to your public repository in GitHub and change repository setting to build repo as website

    • Since I’m using some third party services for added functionality, you may choose to use them as well (they all are free 🙂). Those are listed above under Hosting and other third party services

  1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files along with images and other assets needed to render a web page. 

  2. Interactive development Environment 

  3. Content Delivery Network